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NYC & Long Island Private Investigators

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Background Investigations

Know more about a potential new employee, a possible tenant or even your spouse, we can run a full background search for you.


Our dedicated team has around the clock surveillance ready to catch the perfect shot you need, Eye Q Investigations is your source for spousal or infidelity investigations.

Insurance Claims

Fake insurance claims is a federal crime, Eye Q will catch these cheater and bring you the information you need to make a case.

About Eye Q Investigations

logofinalCarlos Quiroz is the Founder of Eye Q Investigations. Unlike most firms, where the owners rarely engage in any field investigations, he regularly conducts field investigations in all of the areas that Eye Q specializes in.  This attention to detail and dedication to serving our clients shows itself in the quality of investigations our clients receive.

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other is unfaithful? Or are you in a child custody battle with your ex and wonder if they are providing proper child care to your child/children when in their custody, or if they are even caring for them at all? Do you believe your ex is a reckless and speedy driver and should not be transporting your child without being monitored; or even worse, is your ex known to abuse alcohol or drugs and drive under the influence? Is your ex claiming to be unemployed or do you suspect they have “off the books” income?  None of these are pleasant concepts to contemplate and getting to the point where you are asking the questions is even less pleasant.  Especially when you are considering taking legal action to get situations likes these rectified.  While the first step is usually retaining legal representation you still need to have these questions investigated to determine the direction your legal action will take.  You need professional, proven investigative services that not only have experience investigating situation like these but who do so with the utmost discretion and integrity.  You need Eye Q Investigations.

Eye Q Investigations has created waves in the industry of Private Investigation by providing exemplary service to the residents of New York City, New York, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County and all of Long Island.  Within a short period we have outshone our competitors by conducting successful, cost efficient, confidential investigations. Regardless of the focus of our investigation, whether it is spousal infidelity, child custody cases or family law, no investigation is too big or small for us to undertake.  Our commitment to integrity, compassion and discretion is the foundation that is the most essential part of our relationship with our clients.

Our firm specializes in all facets of Electronic Video Surveillance, Claims Investigations, Attorney Services and Private Investigations. We are licensed and bonded by New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services (#11000160608).   The wide assortments of services we offer cover all fields of Domestic, Private and Insurance related investigations.  We have honed our expertise in family related issues such as Divorce, Infidelity, Alimony, Child Custody and any other issue you may have, using lawful, ethical techniques that are admissible in court.  There is nothing that we cannot find and no case too challenging.

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Insurance Claim Investigations
Polygraph Services

From Surveillance to missing persons, background checks to asset search and locations, Eye Q Investigations has your best interest in mind!

Testimonials From Real Clients

Great Work. You and your staff did a great job on this surveillance and we should be able to prosecute this claimant for Workers’ Compensation Fraud.

I had to share with my partners (and our other account executives) this surveillance Carlos performed for us this week. This claimant is one bad ass individual.

Real Customer

Eye Q Investigations provided me with a high degree of professional service to target exactly what I needed to gather evidence for my child custody case.  I felt secure as they provided the surveillance work I asked for.  They were attentive to my needs and updated me often. They are experienced and shared important advice with me. Their work was impeccable!


2 person surveillance team conducted surveillance starting at 5:00 am from claimant residence. SUV was present upon arrival in front of bldg. SUV departed at 5:23 am, trailed to E. Kingsbridge Ave and Creston Ave. Claimant retrieved a duffel bag from passenger side of SUV and walked away. Foot tail commenced into subway station. He met a friend on the platform and waited for a downtown (Manhattan Bound) D train. They boarded at 6:10 am, took to 34th Street, NYC, transferred to a PATH Train and rode it to Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ. Then transferred to another westbound train further into NJ and got off at Penn Station Newark. Exited terminal took bus westbound thru Newark and got off at W. Market St and First St near a McDonalds. Walked 1 block to a large apt building named, “XXXXXX Village”. It has at least 2 similar large structures and walkways, entries. They arrived here just prior to 8am after a 2.5 hour commute from Bronx to Newark, NJ. We suspect they work here, likely as maintenance men.

One hell of a job! Thanks Carlos.